How Does The Crawlers Works?

How Does The Crawlers Works? Digvertise blog

What is Crawler?

Every Search Engines having two primary roles: which are crawling and building an index. After indexing web pages displays in search result with a ranked list of the websites.

The crawler is none other than a computer programme of search engine sites which roam across the world wide web. Crawler fetches all the web pages and provides users as per their search query. To know how crawler works in detail we have to understand the following points and the of figure Crawling Cycle Given below.

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Crawling Cycle:

Crawler / Search Engine Bot:

The crawler is known as so many names like Search Engine Bots, Web Crawler, Spider. As we know that there are so many search engine bots across the server but most known bots are Googlebot, Bingbot, Xenon, and Web Crawler.

As we mention before crawler is computer programme which is developed by search engine website to fetch data across the internet. In this Crawling Cycle, these bots enter on web servers where we host our website and Fetch all data given on web pages.

Storing Data:

After the fetching, all the data crawler store this data to the database given by the search engines. There are huge amounts of web pages stored in the database. Stored Data in the database, After checking data search engine send this data to Indexing. But, what if given data on web pages is inappropriate or copied from somewhere else or we can say used black hat SEO Techniques.

Then Google sends these all improper web pages into the sandbox which means these web-pages can’t be shown in the search results. But, if you make those web pages properly then after the next crawling it can be a possibility to index them.


In Database, google scan web page data with all the parameters and guidelines and Index those web pages by their quality work of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). After checking parameters like keyword relevancy, h tags, meta tags, unique content are relevant to each other or not. On this basis, Page Authority Domain Authority (PADA) and quality score decided and Indexed by Search Engine.


If your web pages are not appearing in search result then it must be submitted in the sandbox by google database. Basically, it is like the trash box for search engines whatever is not worth goes to the trash.

So if you’re using black hat SEO techniques to promote your website across internet beware Search Engine of nowadays are become so much smarter than before. So which things make your web page garbage? Then answer is the Spamming activity, wrong SEO Technique, irrelevancy between Header tags, Meta tags, and Web page content, and copied content.

These things are commonly seen on websites liable to send their web pages in the sandbox.


After the Indexing page on Search Engine, Your page is ranking somewhere in search appearance. There are multiple ranking factors which influence on whether a website appears higher on the SERP. Based on the quality of backlinks, keyword consistency, Page Authority Domain Authority (PADA) and Quality Score of the Web page. After judging, pages on these parameters search engines rank your web pages in search appearance.

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