Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing



Introduction to Digital Marketing

First of all, Digital marketing is none other than advertising of products or brands through electronic interfaces. In Traditional Marketing, we also use electronic interface but that is one side communication channels like TV ads, Digital Boards, Radio, etc. Increasing Internet user make Digital Marketing Possible. Whether you’re a small business owner or Big you need somewhere Digital Marketing.

Nowadays there are a lot of internet users searching their needs or we can say queries on a google. Reaching their destinations by using Maps. Connecting, Giving feedback or we can say reviews on across the internet. Time is changing and way of promotion is also changing.

So if you having business whether it’s small or big if you’re nowhere on the internet you might lose very potential Leads. To Know more we must have to throughout with following points.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Two-way Conversation is Possible
  • Live Performance Tracking is Possible
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Effective at Low Cost also.
  • Control on Targeting Audience.
  • Immediate Edit and Remove are Possible.
  • Conversion is Possible.
  • Convenient and Reliable.
  • Can get Important Data to Analysis.

Parts of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but the procedure of making website Search Engine Bot friendly and Rank in Search Result in an Organic way. As we know that any one of us on the internet can understand any website is what about.

But, in case of search engine bots they are just and programme that roaming around the servers and gather the information of web pages and index them and rank them is according their keywords. There are so many Guidelines and parameters to judge our website and we have to customize our website according to them to get rank in their search result.

The appearance of Organic search result shown in Figure No. 1.1

google Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing example

Image 1.1

Search Engine Marketing way of a rank website in search results by doing Paid Marketing campaigns. In SEM mostly used platform is Google Adwords offer you advertise your product’s search queries on platforms like Search Engine, Google Partners, Remarketing, YouTube.

As a result, these are calculated on basis of placed a bid and total budget on Campaigns like PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression), CPV (Cost Per Views), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

The appearance of search engine marketing results is shown in Image 1.1

Nowadays best and convenient way to communicating and being connected with people is  “Social media”. While it has been around since it introduced people to the social media sites are roaring and growing rapidly across the World Wide Web (www). Most using Social media website across the world are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

There are billions of users across these websites which shows how much it’s important to visible on social networks to represent your business more closely to your consumer. Now the question is what happens if you ignore these facts? The answer is you will lose you important leads.

It can happen that your competitors are already in the market with social media strategies and attract their attention and pitch the product and services.

As like Search Engine provides a paid marketing tool to promote your business by paying Search Engines. In addition, Social network site also provides a paid marketing tool to reach your consumer fast with the actual targeted audience with more relevantly.

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram provides paid promotional tools as per the objective basis. Selecting objective while making ads plays a very important role in social media marketing.

There are some objectives like Reach, Business Leads, Facebook Event Response, Impression, Engagement with Particular Post, Awareness and etc. Furthermore, You just have to know the purpose to make ads effective.

Example of Promotion on Facebook.



in conclusion, I Have to say that if you’re still not utilizing the strength of digital marketing for your business, you are losing a lot of golden opportunities. Your prospective customers are waiting for you in the digital world.

Now that you understand how the digital marketing can better your business, make the progress without any delay.

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