11 Things To Know About Content Creation for Website

11-things -to-know-about-content-creation-for-website


11 Things To Know About Content Creation for Website

If You heard the phrase “Content is King” in this digital world then yes, you heard right. In this Era of Digital Marketing, every website should be more informative rather than the creative design. Nowadays, it needs to be unique and informative so that visitors could spend some time on your web pages. In fact, spent time on your web pages makes website’s bounce rate down and indicate search engine that your web-pages are Informative. For making it user engaging and informative you should be aware of the following Points:

1. Generating Ideas:

The initial step of every productive thing is starting from an Idea. Like that here also this step is very important to generate a right idea that could help the user to understand your website and be the representative of the website behalf of you. Strong Idea leads writer’s mind towards the qualitative content of the website.

2. Research & Knowledge:

After Generation of a strong idea, you should be very sure about what you’re going to write for the website. Because it’s going to represent your knowledge as well as business. Rechecking of it is very important for making it serious and informative.

3. Freshness & Quality:

If the user is visiting your website so he might have known about your product or might want to know about it. In both Cases, your Content Should be the fresh as well as qualitative so the user can remember your website for future needs.

4. Uniqueness:

This is the very important aspect of search engine Optimization which rewards your web pages in ranking.
Yes, Uniqueness of Content upgrade your web-pages authority and help your web-pages to rank in the search results. If you copying someone’s then Google can penalize your website and send your web pages in Sand Box.

5. User-Friendly Content:

Making it user-friendly is also one of the aspects of Search Engine’s Guidelines which can be rewarding for the website in Search results. So Basically Google might rank your page on the uniqueness of your content but, If you are not making it user-friendly then it affects your website’s bounce rate. That indicates to search engine that your website is not providing informative it shows unfriendliness with the users.

6. Keywords Used:

Search engines filter out the content according to the keywords entered by the user so that the user may get the relevant information. So, the content should contain the relevant keywords and density of those keywords should be as mentioned in point 8.

7. Internal Linking:

Internal Linking is very helpful to make user engage with the website. The user can spend more time on the website and Keep visit other pages also so he can be more friendly with the website.

8. Keyword Density:

Thinking of Search Engine Optimisation point of view keyword density is also important. If you using one keyword for more than 2-3% of your total words then your content is suffering from keyword stuffing problem. Probably you have to use your keyword for specific and necessarily.

9. Pitching:

If you are making Content for your Business then you should always remember that you’re not just providing the information. But, also preparing the marketing pitch for the user on your business websites. For Pitching Two thing are very Important one is Right Time and other is Right Place for your Content.

10: External Linking:

If you are using some references to build your content then external linking should be there for giving credit to those references.

11. Image References:

If you are writing a blog then don’t forget to use Images. Using Relevant Images on the blog can be a storyteller for it. Visual support always helps the user for a better understanding of the blog.

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